Elephant in the Room: Bloodride’s Final Destination

And just like that, Bloodride brings us to its final stop – Episode 6, Elephant in the Room. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting to find out the story behind the man in the elephant suit. As the opening credits roll, the camera once again pans over the doomed passengers. It finally settles on the man in the costume, holding an elephant mask in his laps, with blood trickling from its eyes.

Elephant in the Room Hosts the Most Awkward Office Party

As the episode opens, Elephant in the Room introduces us to William getting ready for an office costume party. However, his wife seems a bit concerned, warning him not to drink too much. She also ominously brings up some office tragedy, which William dismisses before leaving in his elephant costume. At the party, Elephant in the Room next introduces us to new staff members Paul and Kristin. Clearly smitten with one another, boss Steinar interrupts their ‘make cute’ banter with a speech about the company’s success. But things get awkward when Steinar brings up a co-worker named Martha who suffered some mysterious workplace accident.

But things get awkward when Steinar brings up a co-worker named Martha who suffered a mysterious workplace accident.

According to Paul, Martha was alone on the workplace balcony with William and another co-worker, Helene, when she fell off the balcony. The fall scarred her face and left Martha in a coma. Everything seems odd to Kristin. William’s increasingly inappropriate behaviour at the part, along with his sexually-charged interactions with Helene, raise more suspicions. And their co-workers’ refusal to talk about the accident just adds more mystery. Now the two new employees are determined to discover what really happened on that rooftop.

A Dark Spin on Workplace Violence

With their personal investigation in full swing, Kristin and Paul discover that someone was bullying Martha. They find photoshopped pictures sent to a shared office computer comparing Martha to Lord of the Rings’ Gollum. More evidence surfaces that the company buried office complaints. After searching through Helene’s laptop, they figure out that it was William and Helene sharing the photos. But when Paul and Kristin confront Helene with their accusations, she doesn’t deny it. Instead, Helene claims Martha was infatuated with William and fell from the balcony after tying to attack them.

Unfortunately, William isn’t the one in the elephant costume.

Everything comes to a head when Kristin and Paul spy William and Helene sneaking off together to the copy room. Kristin sees this as a chance to expose the workplace ‘bullies’ and locks them in the room. Unfortunately, William isn’t the one in the elephant costume. Another co-worker finds William’s bloody, lifeless body in the bathroom. In the copy room, a horribly scarred Martha reveals herself under the costume. She brutally attacks Helene, cutting off her hand with a paper cutter, as the partygoers watch helplessly. At the episode’s conclusion, a horrified Kristin quietly hides the office keys in her pocket, knowing she’s in part to blame.

Elephant in the Room Ends Bloodride on a High Note

Though it’s not the limited series’ best episode (that’s Ultimate Sacrifice), Elephant in the Room ends Bloodride on a high note. Some of the series’ subversive dark humour is missing. But Elephant in the Room makes up for it with a simple, tight mystery that works well in the short runtime. If this episode goes on much longer, the story probably doesn’t work. That is, the big reveal is pretty straightforward. Like the other episodes, there’s little in the way of any real substantive content. Still Elephant in the Room hooks you with its story-telling and endearing ‘newbie detectives’. And it’s final scene is probably the most genuinely unsettling image in the series.

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