The Order Episode 7 – Undeclared, Part I, Questions Loyalties And Motives

After another strong, fast-paced episode, Homecoming Part II, The Order looks to let you catch your breath. Sort of. Episode 7, titled Undeclared, Part I, has a lot to unpack for its characters. Whether it’s the fallout from Alyssa’s discovery or Grandpa Pete destroying the Necrophone, there’s sure to be some reckoning for The Knights of Saint Christopher. And let’s not forget that Gabrielle seems pretty keen on rooting out werewolves on campus now. As the episode’s title suggests, loyalties and intentions are still ‘undeclared’ in both mystical orders.

Undeclared, Part I, Teases Breakups and Family Secrets

Undeclared, Part I, picks things up right where we left off. A desperate Jack tries to explain thing to Alyssa, who’s understandably upset. Her new boyfriend just happens to be the mortal enemy of her favorite mentor. It’s a tossup between Jack’s lying, his focus on killing Necromancers instead of saving her, or the slip that he’s killed a few more people – Alyssa isn’t impressed with any of these revelations. But Jack may need to worry more about his secret. When pressed on her allegiance, Alyssa plays coy about just what she will tell Edward now that the Necrophone is destroyed. Tensions spill over as Jack lashes out at his Grandfather before storming off.

But Pete is more worried about Edward’s other son – Jack.

Later in the episode, Grandpa Pete actually salvages the Necrophone. Instead of trying to speak with his daughter again, Pete does something clever – he calls to Edward’s dead wife, Sophie. For the second episode in a row, Matt Frewer reminds us that he’s wonderful. Desperate for revenge, Pete begs Sophie to tell him how to stop Edward. Though she insists Edward is a good man corrupted by ambition, Sophie warns Pete that he cannot stop him. What follows is a major revelation. Sophie begs Pete to save her son, Maddox, from Edward. But Pete is more worried about Edward’s other son – Jack. Yes, in a shocking twist, we learn that Chloe had a child with Edward. Now the next beg question – Does Edward know he has another son? Too bad the Necrophone breaks down for good.

Gabrielle, The Werewolf Slayer, Goes Power Mad

In Undeclared, Part I’s, other major story thread, Vera tasks Gabrielle with rooting out any other werewolves on campus. We get another funny reference to Buffy when Vera refers to the Acolyte as “Gabrielle the Werewolf Slayer’. Not surprisingly, Gabrielle lets the power go to her head. After digging up a mystical glove – which in no way resembles the Infinity Gauntlet – that burns your soul when you lie, Gabrielle goes full ‘Inquisition’ on campus. Apparently, a ‘burned soul’ results in blood streaming from your eyeballs. With Brandon in tow, Gabrielle interrogates several Order members before turning her attention to Jack and Alyssa. As Gabrielle tortures Alyssa, Jack almost reveals his secret to save her. That’s when Temple Magus Vera shows up and strips Gabrielle of the glove before kicking her back down to Acolyte-level. Still both Vera and Gabrielle are clearly suspicious of Jack.

Things don’t go as planned, however, as Vera and Edward veer off-topic, revealing their mutual sexual attraction for one another.

While Gabrielle abuses her brief role, Vera – now a Gnostic Council member – questions Edward about his pursuit of the Vade Maecum. So finally The Order gives Katharine Isabelle more to do. In what might be the episode’s funniest scene, Vera and Edward drink a truth potion with the intent of discovering allegiances lie. Edward claims the spell would grant them powers to cure all kinds of ailments for the betterment of humanity. Vera asks the smart question – what does Edward get out of it? Things don’t go as planned, however, as Vera and Edward veer off-topic, revealing their mutual sexual attraction for one another. Before the spell wears off Vera delivers two big revelations – she had a daughter at age 16 who died and she has the final pages of the Vade Maecum.

Undeclared, Part I, Teases New Threats on Campus

Meanwhile, the Knights of Saint Christopher are celebrating Kyle’s ‘sacrifice’ at a campus pub. Hamish, Jack, and Lilith get drunk and then start a pub brawl with some slimy locals. The highlights – Lilith makes a reference to a ‘micro-penis’ and we get to see some of Jack’s hilarious drunk texts to Alyssa. The most important story thread that emerges here involves Randall. After hooking up with what passes as a ‘bookish’ student in TV-land – a young woman named Ruby – Randall goes missing. By the episode’s conclusion, Randall wakes up to find he’s locked in a room. Not even his werewolf form can’t break the door down. And someone’s watching him on a security camera. It’s a creepy professor – and his research assistant – who’s interested in making more werewolves. In the episode’s final shot, we see a row of similar reinforced doors in the dark hallway.

The Order Slows Down But Adds More To Its Growing Story

After a handful of busy, world-building episodes, Undeclared, Part I, slows things down a bit. Of course, this isn’t a criticism per se. Nor is it intended to suggest that the episode is dull. On the contrary, The Order dropped a bombshell while adding some much-needed character development to go alongside its ever-expanding mythology. Though Jack and Edward’s ‘father-and-son’ twist has been done before (hello Empire Strikes Back), it adds an interesting dynamic to the already growing tensions within The Order and Knights. Edward Coventry also continues to become more interesting with each episode. Yes, there’s some lazy storytelling. Undeclared, Part I, just dismisses the Necrophone’s destruction and ‘conjures’ up an easy solution. But the episode’s introduction of more threats on campus plants some seeds for more stories down the line.

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