The Order – Episode 3, An Introduction to Ethics, PT 1

Here we go, Episode 3 of The Order. This one’s entitled, Introduction to Ethics, PT. I. The title potentially implies a bigger role for Sam Trammell’s ethics professor, Eric Clarke. Alternatively, the episode synopsis promises consequences for the use of magic. Either way it feels like we have a story that might start to gain some traction.

Introduction to Ethics, PT 1, Picks Up The Pace

So the pace of storytelling definitely picks up in Episode 3. As expected, Jack’s encounter with what looked like a possessed rug in Episode 2 has cursed him as a werewolf. After Jack wakes up from his first werewolf transformation, he wakes up surrounded by his resident don, Randall, and two new characters. As it turns out, The Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose isn’t the only show in town. Randall and company are members of St. Christopher’s Order. It’s a sect of werewolves dedicated to fighting practioners of the dark arts. Does that make sense? Probably not. But it does make things interesting.

Does that make sense? Probably not. But it does make things interesting

Randall tries to convince his fellow St Christopher’s member not to kill Jack. Meanwhile, Jack tries to ingratiate himself with his fellow ‘Neophytes’, while Alyssa tries to impress the mysterious Order head, Edward Coventry. Most of the episode revolves around fleshing out the series’ supernatural rules. Aside from the introduction of St Christopher’s Order, the most important lesseson of the episode is that the practice of magic has consequences. Jack’s fellow Neophytes, Gabrielle and Brandon, are goofing with magic for important stuff like getting out of school work. When Jack figures out that others pay a price when they use magic, he makes a desperate effort to save someone he believes will be the next victim – Professor Benson. But the episode ends with Jack, fresh from a wolfed out binge, lying next to Professor Clarke’s mauled corpse, not Benson.

The Order Shows Signs of Life

First, if Sam Trammell’s Professor Clarke is really dead then shame on you, The Order. But for now, I’m giving that potential slip a pass. In general, Episode 3 is a big improvement. Stuff actually happens in this episode. Most importantly, The Order starts to establish a bit of tone. That is, Introduction to Ethics, Pt. 1, seems to be in on the joke. Resident don and St Christopher’s member, Randall, brings some intentional levity to the series. And Jake Manley’s Jack Morton actually feels kind of relatiable in this episode. We get a little more horror and some world-building as well.

Some key characters continue to prove disinteresting.

Unfortunately, it’s not a straight-away home run for the series. Some key characters continue to prove distinteresing. Sarah Grey’s ‘Alyssa Drake’ is dull and Max Martini’s villainous ‘Edward Coventry’ just feels off. Moreover, The Order hasn’t fully utilized Katharine Isabelle or Matt Frewer, but it’s still early. Some of the campiness is also a little broad.

The Order Embraces Its Campiness With Improved Results

No, I’m not ready to call The Order a ‘good series’. But Introduction to Ethics, Pt I, felt like a small step in the right direction. In terms of narrative, the story feels like it’s beginning to pick up. While there’s still no sense of urgency, a bigger picture with some stakes is being established. In addition, Episode 3 feels more like it means to be campy instead of unintentionally bad. Next up is An Introduction to Ethics, Part II.

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