Maximum Overdrive and More Crash Onto Blu-Ray

It’s been two months since the last (and first) edition of The Blu-Ray Bin. In this edition, we’ve got a couple of Stephen King offerings, a remake, and a genuine 1990’s classic. 


Available: Nov. 6th 2018

Distributed by: Scream Factory

There are a lot of movies based on Stephen King’s literary library. If you can’t figure out what novella or short story collection featured Sleepwalkers, stop searching. Sleepwalkers was based on an original screenplay by King himself. Admittedly, not many people were probably clamouring for a Sleepwalkers Blu-ray release. Mick Garris, a longtime King collaborator, was behind the camera for what’s a strange horror movie. The first half of Sleepwalkers is actually not bad, things quickly descend into over-the-top awfulness in the second half. At least Sleepwalkers is never boring.

Worth Buying: Die-hard Stephen King Fans Only

Maximum Overdrive

Available: October 23rd, 2018

Distributed by: Vestron Video

Hey look, it’s another Stephen King movie getting the Blu-ray treatment. Like Sleepwalkers, Maximum Overdrive isn’t really a good movie. But it’s such a fun ‘bad’ movie to watch. As someone who grew up in the 1980’s, Maximum Overdrive made the rounds at a lot of sleepovers. Stephen King actually directed this turkey based on one of his short stories. This z-grade Terminator-esque movie starred Emilio Estevez and a host of 70’s and 80’s character actors. There’s so much wacky goodness in this movie. Someone is actually killed by a vending machine. How would a vending machine become sentient during a machine uprising? Who cares. 

Worth Buying: Lovers of Bad Movies

The House on Haunted Hill

Available: October 9th, 2018

Distributed by: Scream Factory

Scream Factory must be starting to run out of 1980’s title to re-master for Blu-ray. The House on Haunted Hill remake came at the end of the 1990’s. Geoffrey Rush taking on one of Vincent Price’s best roles was a stroke of casting genius. Unfortunately, aside from the casting, the remake doesn’t get much else right. It’s certainly a more gruesome updating of the now quaint original movie. But The House on Haunted Hill remake doesn’t seem to understand what made its source material so beloved in the first place. 

Worth Buying: ’90’s Horror Kids Looking For Nostalgic Value


Available: November 20th, 2018

Distributed by: Scream Factory

Finally! Candyman is one of the best horror movies released in the 1990’s. The fact that it’s taken this long for it to get the full Blu-ray treatment is a crime. Tony Todd became deservedly became a horror icon for his portrayal of a tragic urban legend haunting a Chicago inner-city project. Candyman benefits from first-rate performances, a haunting score, and some gruesome violence. Jordan Peele remaking Candyman is fantastic news, but don’t forget about the original. It hasn’t lost any of its ability to scare since it was released.

Worth Buying: Any Self-Respecting Horror Fan Should Own It

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