He’s Still There

This promises to be an exciting week for horror film fans. We have a Friday the 13th coming up at the end of the week. For The Abominable Dr. Welsh that means a Friday the 13th film marathon and lots of Friday-themed posts. For this week’s Monday Morning Scare, it was an easy choice. I’m going back to the original 1980 Friday the 13th. Check it out below.

Nearly 40 years later, and close to a dozen films, it’s hard to believe that Jason Voorhees makes only a brief, belated appearance in the original Friday the 13th. But it’s quite the on-screen debut. Director Sean S. Cunningham sets up this final jump-scare perfectly. Harry Manfredini’s tranquil score sets the audience at ease; while some viewers may know something is wrong, with Mrs. Voorhees dead, it’s not obvious what could be coming. Jason’s appearance is so sudden, accompanied by puncturing shift in the music, that it’s nearly impossible not to jump out of your seat.

Everything about the scene is perfect. Tom Savini’s make-up effects for the young Jason are effectively gruesome. This certainly has to rank as one of the best horror film villain debuts. In addition, this scene set in motion one of the most successful franchises in the horror genre.


Author: Andrew Welsh

I am a Criminology professor in Canada but I've always had a passion for horror films. Over the years I've slowly begun incorporating my interest in the horror genre into my research. After years of saying I wanted to write more about horror I have finally decided to create my own blog where I can share some of my passion and insights into the films I love.

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