It Follows (2014)

It Follows (2014) was the little-indie horror film that endeared itself to critics but proved to be a little more polarizing among horror fans. The STD-horror allegory plugged into a 1980s-vibe with its retro-synth score and had more than its fair share of disturbing imagery. David Robert Mitchell’s film may have intentionally borrowed the 80’s aesthetic but it felt wholly original among a sea of horror remakes, reboots, and sequels. It Follows has several worthy scares, but for this week’s Monday Morning Scare, we’ll go with the widely-agreed upon appearance of the ‘tall man’ (not from Phantasm)

This scene works so well because after building up its suspense it feels like the tension has been released. Mitchell effectively employs some misdirection, giving the audience a false sense of relief as the bedroom door opens to just reveal Jay’s friend. The appearance of the ‘tall man’ feels so sudden and after-the-fact that it’s almost benign. You are left almost completely unprepared after letting your guard down. In a film that had several chilling moments, this scene is the most worthy of inclusion on the Monday Morning Scare.


Author: Andrew Welsh

I am a Criminology professor in Canada but I've always had a passion for horror films. Over the years I've slowly begun incorporating my interest in the horror genre into my research. After years of saying I wanted to write more about horror I have finally decided to create my own blog where I can share some of my passion and insights into the films I love.

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